Best NRL Futures Tips

Market Best Futures Bets Odds
2021 Grand Final Winner Penrith Panthers $5.00
NRL Top 4 Finish Multi – Penrith Panthers, Sydney Roosters, Melbourne Storm, South Sydney Rabbitohs $9.85
NRL Top 8 Finish Multi – Canberra Raiders, Parramatta Eels, New Zealand Warriors $6.54
NRL Wooden Spoon St George Illawarra Dragons $5.50

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    How to Punt on the NRL?

    Punting on the NRL easily makes matches a more exciting watch. There’s so many thrilling facts and figures to bet on, and winning a good quality bet at some high odds can make or break your day.

    If you want to check out more on these statistics – and how to beat the bookies, check out our NRL Statistics Punters Guide here!

    When it comes to having a bet in Australia, the NRL season brings out the punters full force – it’s one of the most two popular sports in the Country! With over 25 rounds from March 11th – 5th of September, there’s a wide array of markets and time to bet on anything and everything the NRL has to offer.

    NRL is one one of the top statistically rich sports in the world, and therefore has more markets to offer as well. This can range from a cheeky BYO Sportsbet Market, to a Player and Prop Market, First Tryscorer, or a simple Head-to-Head.

    There’s an endless range of Markets with Aussie Bookies – and if you aren’t happy with the selection, Bookies like Sportsbet will actually let you send an email with suggestions!

    The NRL Finals are also a prime time to join a bookie and bet on the footy. They’re contested between the Top 8 sides of the NRL Ladder at the end of the season, with four rounds of Finals played leading up to the big dance… the NRL Grand Final.

    There are currently 16 teams to punt on, which spread across the entirety of Australia, with one team in New Zealand.

    Bookies tend focus aggressively on these sides, and punters, with NRL betting in considered one of the top 2 most popular sport betting options in Australia.

    Bookies are constantly supplying an extensive amount of NRL markets throughout the season – much more than any other sport. There’s constant money to be made, and many a promo and special to be had.

    What NRL Markets Can I Punt On?

    As explained, there’s a fat amount of markets in terms of NRL betting. This article will run through all the different types of bets you can lay, which differs from horse racing betting, how to lay them, and any tips and tricks to get the win.

    What is an NRL Head-To-Head Bet?

    The NRL Head-to-Head market is easily the most approachable market for the new punter. It’s simple, concise and popular.

    In a Head-to-Head bet, teams are both pit against each other, with the winning bet results if the team you’ve selected also wins the game.

    There’s actually some extreme value to be found in Head-to-Head markets, which can surprise many a punter.

    Most experienced punters look past this market, to others like exotics – but sometimes it’s the simplest bets, with the most maintainable odds that bring you home the highest profit.

    Punting on the underdog to win these matches is one of the main ways you’ll get some quick cash.

    Some teams pay up to $6 to win a match, so finding them off a losing streak on their home turf is definitely the way to go. They’ll come out raring to go, and, wanting to perform in front of their fans, will most likely take home the win.

    These sides pay the big bucks, and putting a larger stake on these smaller Head-to-Head odds is usually the way to go.

    NRL Head-to-Head Example

    Parramatta Eels V Gold Coast Titans
    Gold Coast Titans – $4.40, Parramatta Eels – $1.60

    The home side is always presented in Head-to-Head odds first, and in the above example, The Gold Coast Titans are the Home Team with Home Ground advantage.

    The Titans are highlighted as in the example, the punter has selected them to win against the Eels in this Head-to-Head market.

    Once selected, this bet will be automatically placed in the bet slip.

    How are the Returns Calculated for an NRL Head-to-Head Bet?

    If you place $10 on the Titans to win at $4.40, it’s as simple as multiplying the odds together with the stake.

    Titans Odds $4.40 x $10 Stake = Estimated Return of $44.

    Tip - NRL Head-to-Head Betting Advice

    • The first thing you want to do when placing a Head-to-Head bet is checking out the past 5 match-up’s between both teams. These are all found on the NRL Website beneath the draw, or on most good bookie sites. Anything past the last 5 match-up’s have too many variables, including new team members, coaching staff, etc. all teams match-up differently, so look at the odds fluctuation for value

    • Look at the injury list – this above example is perfect. If Maika Sivo and Clinton Gutherson are out, you already know the game will be a lot tighter. Sivo is the top tryscorer for the Parramatta Eels, and Gutherson is their State of Origin Rep. Injury lists are vital, and when key players like these are out of action, it’s really anyone’s game.

    • Check out the team’s win loss ratio, and form guide for the previous five matches. Some teams are on a roll, and are about to be brought down – or continue the streak. Some may be in a slump, but suddenly spring into action on their own home soil. Make sure to check whether recent wins were against top sides, and place discount on wins over bottom sides.

    What is an NRL Line Bet? (Spread Bet)

    A Line Bet is the second-most popular market in the NRL, which sees a bookie handicap an NRL game by setting a total margin for each side, essentially marking the market equivalent, and therefore equal for both sides.

    This estimated margin of the game, is referred to as the ‘Line,’ which is where the term Line Betting actually comes from.

    The odds will never fluctuate on this market, but it’s always best to get in early, because the line itself will move dependant on the amount of punters backing each side. The odds are always at $1.90, making it equal profits to punt on either the underdog or the favourite.

    Ladbrokes especially love to run promos on the Line Bets, and will usually offer up a $2 line special for Friday Night Footy. The line market presents teams with either a plus (+) or a minus (-) symbol with a margin attached. The player with the minus symbol is the favourite, and the team with the plus is the underdog.

    NRL Line Bet Example

    Gold Coast Titans V Parramatta Eels
    Gold Coast Titans – + 6.5 $1.90, Parramatta Eels – 6.5 S1.90

    In this sense, the team with the plus, the Gold Coast Titans, must win the game outright, or lose the game by fewer points indicated by the line.

    When the team with the point spread line has a minus attached, it shows the team must win the game by more points indicated in the line. They cannot lose or you will lose your bet.

    For this result as a winning bet, the punter has selected, once again, the Titans. For a return profit, the Titans must either win the game, or lose by 6.5 points of less. Once again, when selected, the bet is added straight to the slip.

    How are the Returns Calculated for an NRL Line Bet?

    If you place $10 on the Titans to beat the line at $1.90 it’s once again, as simple as multiplying the odds together with the stake.

    Titans Odds $1.90 x $10 Stake = Estimated Return of $19.

    Tip - NRL Line Betting Advice

    • Once again, it’s vital you check the team’s past winning/losing margins for the past 5 match-up’s. Some teams love a win, but they do so more in their defensive end, and aren’t high scoring teams. Examples of this are Eels and the Rabbitohs, who haven’t had a monstrous winning margin in a fair few years (except when the Rabbitohs smashed a very under-stacked Sydney side before finals). Teams with poor form are usually expected to lose games, and sometimes the line can be exaggerated. So look for the hidden value here, you never know what you might find.

    • As well as this, look at injuries, omissions, players dropped or suspended. A loss to any key player on field will once again sway the lines. If the Panthers lose Nathan Cleary and Stephen Crichton, their side will be severely impacted in conversions and tries, as will the line.

    • Get in early. You know the drill, the more punts placed on one side, the more lines sway and fluctuate. Betting markets, and lines usually come out as long as 5-days before a match, so as soon as those markets get out – use your prior stats knowledge and get in before they fluctuate.

    What is an NRL Margin Bet? (Big Win/Little Win)

    If we’re displaying NRL Markets in terms of popularity going downwards – we’re certainly doing a good job.

    The margin market is the third most punted-on market in the NRL, and represents some clear-cut value that you don’t often find elsewhere.

    As well as being third in popularity, you’ll also find this market third down on the list on many bookie sites.

    NRL Margin Markets are not like lines, whereby the odds fluctuate rather than the winning result. They’re displayed in the same format every week, and offer a set margin for each game, which allows a punter to select a result based on previous knowledge.

    The common margin markets are:
    • 1-12 Points (The Team selected here must win by 1-12 Points) This market will have the highest margin odds as, it’s the closest in terms of points scored

    • 13+ Points (The Selected Team here must win by Above 13 Points) This market can also be a treasure trove of odds, if you think one team will absolutely dominate on field, get in early on this market before the odds fluctuate too highly

    • Draw (The Team selected here must finish the match with equal points to the opposition) This is the market with the highest odds, because a Draw almost never happens, there’s usually only one or two in a season, if any, so do your research on teams who most commonly draw, I’d go with a Eels-Raiders game in this instance, as they all play well against each other.

    NRL Margin Bet Example

    Gold Coast Titans V Parramatta Eels
    Gold Coast Titans – 1-12 $7.20, Parramatta Eels – 1-12 $3.10
    Gold Coast Titans 13+ – $9.20, Parramatta Eels 13+ – $1.80

    NRL Margin Markets are set out like head-to-head or line bets, just with the specified Margin next to the odds. The punter, in this case, has selected the Titans to win the game by a margin of 1-12 points. The odds for this are higher than a head-to-head bet, as it’s harder to pick what points a team will win by, rather than just the outright win.

    Because the head-to-head markets in these examples have the Titans as the underdogs, the Margin Markets will also reflect the Titans at longer odds than the Eels.

    For this punt to result in profit, the Titans must win the game by a margin of 1-39 points.

    How are the Returns Calculated for an NRL Margin Bet?

    If you place $10 on the Titans to win at 1-12, you must again multiply the odds together with the stake.

    Gold Coast Titans Odds $7.20 x $10 Stake = Estimated Return of $72.

    Tip - NRL Margin Betting Advice

    • Check on the both teams margins for the last 10 games, if one’s more prone to heavy loses, or domineering wins, there is obviously value to be found in the 39+ points margin – just remember to get in on that early. However, if one team has a few close encounters, the value is all there for the 1-12 market. Finally, if you’re a bit unsure about what to punt on, 1-12 is the safest bet, this is the most common margin win, it will have the lowest odds, but also the lowest risk.

    • Live punt. If you want to have a cheeky go at it, and grab some hardcore odds, punt against the system on a live bet. If a team is winning by a large amount, or it’s a pretty close game, the odds will likely be fluctuating in live betting. You can get some awesome odds here, that are much higher than their original posting.

    What is an NRL Over/Under Bet?

    The Over/Unders market is like a sweet combo of both the line bet, and the margin bet. In this sense, you combine both team’s final score, and punt on whether you think the NRL Match will be over or under the total points given by the bookie.

    If the over wins, the game finishes with points higher than the predicted total, if it’s lower than the total, the under wins.

    The Total Match points are, quite obviously, calculated by adding the total points scored by both teams following the final siren. The bookie calculates the Over/Under market based on a variety of statistics, including team’s past match-up’s against each other, form guide, injury lists, and average scores per match.

    NRL Over/Under Bet Example

    Gold Coast Titans V Parramatta Eels
    Total Game Points
    Over 178.5 $1.90, Under 178.5 $1.90.

    This is similar to a Line bet, in that the odds will not favour a particular market, and will not fluctuate at all, but rather, the total game points itself will move instead.

    The bookie is looking to get around 50% of bets on either side of the Total Points Market, so if more people are punting on the over market, the Total Game Points will be raised, because clearly more people think they’re going to outscore the predetermined match points.

    If more people are punting on the under market, the score will be reduced, so that bookies can try to get an even playing field and cut their losses on each side of the match.

    How are the Returns Calculated for an NRL Over/Under Bet?

    As per usual, multiply the odds to the stake to gain your estimated return.

    So, if you If you place $10 on the over market at $1.90 it’s once again, as simple as

    Odds $1.90 x $10 Stake = Estimated Return of $19.

    Tip – NRL Over/Under Betting Advice

    • Check the average scores for both team in the current home and away season. Then add them together. Total points bets are not usually as profitable in the first half of the season, as its harder to get an average score – but once they start to find a groove, you’ll see a scoring trend start to appear – and this is the best time to punt on an Over/Under Market.

    • If both teams are high scoring, then go the over. If one team is offensive and one is defensive, however, then stay away from the market altogether. The match could go over/under depending on numerous variables, and it’s extraordinarily difficult to predict when teams are matched up in this way. The outcome relies entirely on the defensive systems of both sides.

    • Check if key players are being tagged. This is an important one, as it can drastically impact ball movement down the field, and total points scored. If you know important players may not be as likely to get their hands on the ball – definitely go with the unders market.

    • Check team line-ups when they come out – this is vital. You must know who is playing to accurately predict the total points market. If they’ve got a try scorer like Josh Addo-Carr, who can be known to kick up to in a game, and the Bulldogs are playing at home, go the over market, as you know there will be a goal scoring bonanza.

    NRL Exotic Markets/Multi’s

    NRL Exotic Markets are easily the most fun to punt on out of any other market. They describe the other markets bookies put up – including specials exclusive to the site themselves. These markets include anything from First Try Scorer, Tackles Markets, to even the Coin Toss.

    The punter, in this sense, can either choose to bet on them exclusively as a single, or combine them together with any of the other Markets to make a Multi or a Same Game Multi.

    A Multi is made by adding a singular legs from differing matches, with odds combining to make higher total payout.

    All legs must be correct in order for you to profit.

    The same can be said with a Same Game Multi, except instead of the singles coming from different teams, they come from the Same Game, hence the name.

    Sportsbet have added a funky new feature that other bookies don’t have – so I’d definitely recommend them for the Same Game Multi.

    You have the ability to combine different Same Game Multi’s into one Mega Multi, to score some of the best odds you’ll see in your life. Same Game Multi’s are usually exotics combined, sometimes with a head-to-head or margin market thrown in for some extra added value.

    They’re a fun way to make money – if they get up. But that’s always the case with bookies, higher risk = higher reward.

    NRL Same Game Multi Example

    Josh Addo-Carr To Score 3 or More Tries – $10.20
    Kyle Flanagan To Score a Try – $2.10
    Canterbury Bulldogs 1-12 – $4.20

    How are the Returns Calculated for an NRL Same Game Multi Bet?

    These odds combine together to make a value bet of well over $30. It’s not as simple as multiplying in this sense, as Flanagan to score a Try and Addo-Carr to score 3+ Make it less likey for the Bulldogs to win by 1-12.

    Because these singles make each other less likely for your Same Game Multi to get up, the odds therefore skyrocket. If you were to add, say, the Broncos to win 1-12, the odds would be significantly reduced, both because they’re the favourite, and because the bets line up more similarly.

    Tip – NRL Same Game Multi Betting Advice

    • Don’t get too carried away by ludicrous odds, trust me, it happens to the best of us. Instead of adding 12 legs to a Same Game Multi to score some ridiculous odds, combine two 3+ Leg Multi’s with Sportsbet. They’ll have similar odds, whilst also being easier to predict. Remember, it’s far more comfortable to work out three things that will happen correctly in two different matches, than work out twelve things to happen in one
    • Use a bigger stake with smaller odds, instead of punting a smaller stake with higher odds. This one is pretty simple and makes sense all on it’s own. You’re more likely to decipher a few things to happen on field, than many, and you’re also more likely to win on markets with smaller odds. If someone’s paying $6.00 to score a goal, don’t add that to your bloody Same Game Multi, they’re paying $6.00 because it’s Never. Going. To. Happen.
    • Always look for Promos, Sportsbet especially love a Same Game Multi Promo – their most popular promo, if you place a 3+ Leg Same Game Multi, and one leg fails, you’ll get your money back! Sportsbet are also the best for NRL punting, as they have markets called BYO Sportsbet. These markets are exclusive to Sporty alone and represent some clear-cut value. You always want to go with Sportsbet when punting on the NRL, they have 150+ Markets and beat the other bookies in terms of odds and instant payout.

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    Now, with so many different options, how are you going to decide which betting app is best for you?

    Well, don’t you fret, the experts here at are all avid bettors and have done the tough work reviewing every little aspect of each app from the perspective of multi bets, to give you to information you need to make the best choice possible.

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