NRL Premiership Odds and Staff Picks 2021

NRL Premiership Odds and Staff Picks 2021
Wed 6th January 2021

What are the best NRL Premiership Odds and What are your Staff Picks?

When I asked our NRL-loving staff to pick their top choice for the Premiership in 2021, I certainly wasn’t expecting the 7 people I asked to all pick a different team.

In the most rouge Staff Picks I’ve seen in a while, check out NRL Premiership Odds, in order, and find some punting advice, to help you select next year’s Champion in the Sportsbet Futures Markets.

Emma – Panthers
NRL Premiership Odds: $5.00

Starting with my selection, purely because it’s the one with the lowest NRL Premiership Odds, the Panthers really are looking like true blue favourites coming into next season.

The side came closer than any other team in the Competition last year – losing out to the Storm in the final dance, by only a try.

Nathan Cleary’s sheer dominance throughout the entire match – paired up with Stephen Crichton’s uncanny ability to cross the white line, and Jarome Luai’s Try Assists, and you’ve got yourself a pretty good lookin’ squad.

The side also have the most top-ranked players in the final NRL Statistics of the year – everything from Kicking Metres, to Post Contact Metres – and you’ve got you guys.

Nathan Cleary also takes the cake in 5 areas, including All Kicks, 40/20, Kicking Metres, Line Engagement, and Field Goals.

With all this behind them, they’re looking a shoo-in for next year’s title, not to mention they’ll be hungry for revenge after the ultimate snubbing last season.

NRL Betting – Splashing the cash on this side definitely wouldn’t go astray – they’re easily going to make it to the NRL Premiership, but if they’re going to have to ensure a non-repeat performance of last year’s first half to snag the win.

Will – Rabbitohs
NRL Premiership Odds: $6.50

The Rabbitohs will probably come as close as it gets to taking a title next season.

Latrell Mitchell will be back into the swing of things, after missing out on half the year with an injury that just wouldn’t quit.

Add in the dynamic duo of Adam Reynolds and Alex Johnston and you’ve got yourself a pretty damn unstoppable force.

Reynolds took home the title in Scoring Points (221) and Goals (98), while Johnston topped the table in Tries at 23.

However, he didn’t stop there – also snagging the title for most intercepts (5), and Linebreaks (23).

If the side can keep this momentum coming – they’re a definite shot for the NRL Premiership, and their odds prove it.

NRL Betting – Place a cheeky punt on the Rabbitohs, but proceed with caution, they’re going to have to come out firing and into fruition, which took them half a season to do in 2020.

Paddy – Roosters
NRL Premiership Odds: $6.00

Paddy’s ‘boys’ the Roosters are in with a clear shot at the Premiership – on paper.

But, realistically, their window is closing, and fast.

After taking home the title in 2018 and 19, they had a clear opportunity at a hatrick last season, but were just unable to fully grasp it.

They’re now on the downturn in terms of speed and agility – with Jared Waerea-Hargreaves taking out the most Penalties (17) in Negative Plays last season.

While they are looking hot in terms of Run Metres (James Tedesco 4,403), and Tackle Breaks (James Tedesco, 139); they’re going to need more than one bloke on field doing the work.

NRL Betting – Keep the money in your pocket for now, and add them to a Multi in Sportsbet to make the top 8. You can almost predetermine their positioning in the upcoming season, and they’re oh-so likely to finish in 3rd or 4th.

Eddie – Raiders
NRL Premiership Odds: $10.00

Look, I actually rate the Raiders in terms of gameplay, maybe more than most.

The underdog of 2019 shocked the NRL world when they made it to the 2019 Grand Final – only to be pipped at the post by the Sydney Roosters.

Their Premiership window, much like the Roosters, is closing – but that’s not to say they won’t make it close… and they will.

They’re a good team, but just aren’t good enough at the moment, and aren’t on the downswing, but more so, on the slow and steady.

The Raiders don’t have it in them just yet – they’ll persevere, but must have a few more years to truly get going.

NRL Betting – If you’re wanting to punt on the Raiders, don’t just check out their NRL Premiership Odds – there’s more Sportsbet futures markets available… and I have just the one for you! NRL Top 4 Finish. There’s clear-cut value with the Raiders paying $2.35 – so get over there and place a punt!

Andy – Eels
NRL Premiership Odds: $13.00

Coming from the Wooden Spooners in 2013 – ending up in a top 3 finish last year is quite the impressive feat.

So, how did they get there?

Firstly, Maika Sivo.

The guy is a try-scoring beast, coming in at 15 out of 20 matches last season.

They also have Offload scoring gun, Junior Paulo – who topped the table at 54.

Origin Rep Clintion Gutherson also bulks up the side – Number 1 on the Kick Return Metres Chart, with 1,618.

Reed Mahoney also ranks in the top three tackles for the 2020 season, at 968.

The side have seriously upped the ante in terms of their list, and their players, making them easy contenders at the NRL Premiership next season.

NRL Betting – Same game as the Raiders, if I’m being honest. $3.25 for a Top 4 finish is a naughty way to make profits, they’re going to have to compete with other spearheads – the Panthers, Roosters, Storm, Rabbitohs and Raiders – but if they can come out and surprise the NRL world as they did last season – they’re a clear shot.

Dylan – Warriors
NRL Premiership Odds: $26.00

This is where it starts to get a little wonky.

Dylan goes for the Warriors so it seems only fair that he’s chosen them for the W in 2021.

But as a Broncos supporter – sometimes you know you just gotta give ‘em a few years to rebuild.

While Dylan doesn’t seem to understand that, and is insistent the Warriors will win – I think you and I both know they’re going to be pretty lacklustre in 2021.

But, coming from a team that actually wasn’t so bad half-a-decade ago, what happened?

Well, all good things must come down, and that was exactly the case for the Warriors.

The side took home a Minor Premiership in 2002, and then got knocked down when it came to the top gong.

They were once again snubbed in 2011 – when they took out the silver again.

This must mean they’re overdue to rise to the occasion once again and climb up the ladder, does it not?

I don’t think they’re quite there yet – especially having a possible 0 home game tally in 2021 due to COVID-19.

But, they’ll be back… it just might take a while.

NRL Betting – The Warriors are playing a juicy $2.80 to make the Top 8 this year, and after almost making it several times – it’s actually looking quite plausible. If you want to make some even juicer NRL Premiership Odds – Sportsbet are offering a futures Top 8 Multi – add Parramatta Eels, New Zealand Warriors and Canberra Raiders and you’ve got yourself a $6.54 ‘Lock’ Multi for next season.

Hannah – Dragons
NRL Premiership Odds: $41.00

Hannah is the only one in our office disinterested in NRL – so it makes sense she’d google the list of teams and choose the one with the coolest name.

I won’t be entertaining this, unfortunately.

If you want some cheeky NRL Premiership Odds, look no further than their $41.

But, be warned punters, if you place a bet on them to take home the title – you’ll lose your money.

They are paying $5.50 for the Wooden Spoon, though, and that I could entertain.

NRL Betting – No.


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