The Ultimate Guide to: Punting on the NRL with Sportsbet

The Ultimate Guide to: Punting on the NRL with Sportsbet
Wed 16th December 2020

The NRL is the world’s premiere rugby league competition, the largest, and most competitive of its side. It features 16 clubs across 25 regular-season rounds. Then heads into four weeks of finals between the top 8 teams. The Grand Final, is most usually held in Sydney in early October.

If you’re keen to learn about punting on the NRL with Sportsbet – look no further! Sportsbet easily have the best odds, markets, range, bonuses and more! This article will help you run through exactly how to punt on the NRL with Sportsbet, their wide array of Promotions, and the Pros and Cons of NRL Punting with Sportsbet, so without further ado, let’s get into it!

NRL Fast Facts
Sportsbet has its very own page entirely dedicated to the NRL. Think of it like a blog. It has every fact imaginable from date of inception, number of teams, current premiers, and most titles. There’s also a large overview surrounding the game itself, how it’s played, and how to punt on it.

The NRL Fast Facts is one of the best aspects of the Blog Homepage. You never have to leave the site to punt, and you can also check out all the news, tips and tricks in quick dot point formation. The NRL Fast Facts page has news on the Movements of Latrell Mitchell, the Origin Try Scoring bonanza of Jack Wighton to claim him the Clive Churchill Medal, Mitchell Moses’ Dally M Snub, and more. The NRL Fast Facts page will help you work out what to punt on, and when to punt on it. It’s a pretty unused feature that not many are aware of – but it’s definitely a handy guide to get you started on punting on the NRL with Sportsbet.

Why should I get into Punting on the NRL With Sportsbet?

NRL Predications and Previews

As if the Fast Facts weren’t enough, Sportsbet also provides their very own NRL Predictions and Previews page – where NRL betting tips and Predictions for the 2021 season and beyond can be found. If you sign up to Sportsbet, you’ll also receive the best NRL Odds as markets are released, and have the ability to read expert NRL Predictions from the Wolf.

NRL Betting Podcast

Look, there’s a reason why Sportsbet is Australia’s biggest, and favourite, bookie site, and it’s due to their insane user interface, fantastic markets and odds, but also because of their seamless, and endless information, and you don’t even have to leave the site! Sportsbet has a few different NRL Betting Podcasts, some keep you up to date with the news, some add a little bit of humour, and some just give you damn good tips. My advice? Listen to the podcast as you have a scroll through the markets, this allows you to here expert tips and tricks, all while deciding on what to punt on.

Sportsbet NRL FAQ

As well as having their very own blog with Fast Facts, Sportsbet also has an entire help centre revolved around the NRL. This help Centre is under ‘NRL FAQ’ and answers and questions you may have surrounding punting on the NRL. This site also has options for live chats, live bets, feedback, and a customer service number, ensuring any question you may have surrounding NRL Punting is answered with ease.

Punting on the NRL with Sportsbet FAQ’S

This article is also here to answer any questions you may have surrounding punting on the NRL with Sportsbet. There’s over 100 markets to choose from, with manifold odds that are consistently fluctuating, so it’s important to get a handle on what every market means, and how to win.

How do I Punt on an NRL Line Bet With Sportsbet?

Line betting essentially places a point handicap on both teams, to level the playing field. One team will receive the negative handicap, and one team will receive the positive handicap. The odds are always the same for both of these markets.


Raiders v Storm. Both markets will have the same odds under the ‘Line’ Section of the Market at $1.90. The Raiders will have a -4.0 next to their title, whilst the Storm will have a handicap of +4.0

Essentially, this just means that the Raiders would need to win by 5 or more points for the Raiders (-4.0) to be a winning selection. If you’re thinking of punting on the storm, they’d need to either win the match altogether, or lose the match by no more than 3 points.

If the Raiders win by exactly 4 points in this scenario, then the result is a ‘push’ and stakes are refunded.

Punting on the NRL With Sportsbet

Futures Market 1


Medals are another vital market, that can be found in the Sportsbet Futures Markets. these can represent extreme value, especially if you have an inkling of who will win before the start of the season. Once games begin, odds can fluctuate either way, and you may end up with less bang for your buck. If you’re betting on a Futures Market, try and get in early, to get the best price before the punters push the odds down.

Punting on the NRL With Sportsbet

Futures Market 2

Dally M Medal

The Dally M Medal is awarded to the Player of the Year in the NRL. Based on previous performance, both individually, and as a team, it can be quite easy to estimate who to punt on in the Dally M Futures Market.

Have a look at previous results – was someone snubbed last year? Have they been racking up points every year? Are they in form? If you want a free tip right now – put the house on Nathan Cleary.

Punting on the NRL With Sportsbet

Futures Market 3

The Clive Churchill Medal

The Clive Churchill Medal is the award given to the player judged to be the man-of-the-match in the NRL Grand Final.

This can be extremely valuable at the beginning of the season, as you are unsure who will actually end up in the Grand Final. A good way to punt on this market early, is to have a look at last year’s form guide, trades, and player retirement, and make your decision from there – the best bet at the moment would be placing a punt on a Melbourne Storm or Penrith Panther Player

Punting on the NRL With Sportsbet

Futures Market 4

NRL Quinella

The NRL Quinella is another Futures Market, whereby you bet on which two teams will make it to the grand final. This is a saucy little market offered by Sportsbet, and one which represents extreme value. Get on this early, because if a team starts to come into form, the odds are going to fluctuate extremely, and the odds will drop. Given the statistics, there should be a pretty rough idea of who to punt on.

Punting on the NRL With Sportsbet

Futures Market 5

NRL Championship

The most obvious of all Futures Markets on Sportsbet. The NRL Championship. Surprisingly, the most easy to predict, if you crunch the statistics hard enough you’ve got yourself a winner, baby! Sportsbet offer a great range of odds, with the Melbourne Storm, last year’s winners, at a juicy $3.75.

I know it can be hard to wait out the trade and retirement period, Cameron Smith, I’m looking at you! But the best advice with Futures Markets is to get on before prices fluctuate. Or, hope your team of choice has a bad start to the season, get in when the odds are higher, and place that punt!

Punting on the NRL With Sportsbet

Futures Market 6

Sportsbet BYO

Another massive market which is very, very helpful for punting is BYO Sportsbet. Every game, specific singles are chosen by Sportsbet at some insane value. These are the bets where you want to place a higher stake, because they’re lower risk, at some absolutely naughty odds.

Any 3 of 5 Players Listed to Score a Try, Odds: $6.50
Josh Addo-Carr, Ryan Papenhauzen, Suliasi Vunivalu, Justin Olam, Latrell Mitchell, Dane Gagai

These markets are perhaps the most exciting to bet on – basically due to their value, and the best part is, they’re Sportsbet exclusive! If you’re having a punt for the first time, go easy on one of these markets, they almost always get up, and they’re an interesting ride from start to finish.

Punting on the NRL With Sportsbet

Futures Market 7

Million Dollar Tipping

The name’s excited you, hasn’t it!?
Me too.
Million Dollar Tipping is supported by Sportsbet, and Aussies love of footy tipping competitions.
The best part?
Past top 10 prize winners have had little to no knowledge of the sport, so it definitely pays to have a crack.
There’s $10,000 cash on offer every round of the season for NRL tipping, and $20,000 cash for each of the two end of season winners.
It’s completely free to join and play Million Dollar Tipping, all you have to do is join and register, enter your tips on who you think will win, and you’re good to go. Happy punting!

Punting on the NRL With Sportsbet


Customer Service Experiences

This is why everyone keeps coming back to Sportsbet, honestly. They do have the superb NRL Odds, the highest of any other betting agency, the best markets, think coin toss winner, and the easiest user interface…. But the Customer Service is just So. Damn. Good.
They have a 24/7 Live Chat, who respond instantly, and if you ask nicely, they’ll sometimes give you a Bonus Bet; they have a 24//7 Live Betting Line, a Customer Service Number if you would rather chat to someone over the phone, and their very own feedback form. The chat box is at the bottom right of every Sportsbet Website and App, which makes it oh, so easy to ask any questions you may have about punting on the NRL.


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