NRL Tipping Comp Tips

NRL Tipping Comp Tips
Tue 5th January 2021

NRL Tipping Comp Tips by Experts

NRL Tipping Comp Tips – Top Try Scorers

A side like the Canterbury Bulldogs, with Josh Addo-Carr, is going to score more tries than a side without a key scorer.

Always check out a team’s average tries per game, because if they go on a bonanza and are hitting over 30 points a game, chances are they’ll be winning the match-up against a more defensive side.

NRL Tipping Comp Tips – Player and Team Form

Player and Team form is vital when working out who is going to win an NRL Match.

The first thing you should do is check injury lists to make sure all the star players will be packing a punch for the game. The next thing to do is suss how well a team has been performing over their past 5 matches. This will give you an indication into their Form Guide, and whether they’re in more of a downward spiral, or on the rise.

NRL Tipping Comp Tips – Ladder

Obviously this is a key indicator in how well a team is going, and you’d probably want to go for the side who is higher up on the ladder.

If they’re close together, say 4th and 5th, check injury lists and also who is playing at home to determine a winner.

NRL Tipping Comp Tips – Offensive Match Up

A Team who is prominently defensive playing a team who are prominently offensive are going to make for a low-scoring game. This is vital information, as it means the match-up will be quite close. If this is the case, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to determine a winner. Usually go the offensive side when you’re unsure, they’ll usually be able to sneak a few tries on the board, while the defensive side may not be able to get across the white line.

NRL Tipping Comp Tips – Home Ground Advantage

Obviously, a team is going to have a better chance of winning on their own home soil. NRL Players relish playing on their own turf, and will put on an absolute show there as well. Check out where a team’s playing, because they’re always going to perform better at home.

NRL Tipping Comp Tips – Fan/Expert Tips

Research how other people are tipping that week. It’s important that you check out these stats, because they usually will point you in the direction of a winner.

Experts usually have pretty good advice on tipping, bar their own supported team due to bias. Fans will also have a strong indication on a winner, and you should be able to access that data on your Tipping Site. Looking at how the Fans and Experts tip should swing your vote one way or the other – as they’re both well-informed.


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